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Standing out among the 191 participants and over 200 projects were the works by Polish photographer Diana Sosnowska, Small Perversions (The Frantic Journey of the Wandering Uterus), by Wojciech Wójcik, Nude and Clothed, and by Neapolitan Jo Fetto, Beyond the Flesh.


Diana Sosnowska (born 1995) is a Polish photographer; she's currently earning a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida. In 2019, he earned a degree in photography from Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Over the past years, she has received several awards, including the BJP’s Female in Focus Award and the Unsigned Award given by BBH, as well as having exhibited in numerous countries such as Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Little Perversions (The Frantic Journey of the Wandering Womb) is an ongoing project launched in 2023, aimed at investigating the territories of desire and disorder through the collection and reproduction of Hysterical Iconography that permeate our visual culture with a universal weight. The images presented are imaginary visions inspired by the visual and written evidence present in the famous text of medical photography L'Iconographie photographique de la Salpêtrière by Paul Regnard and Désiré-Magloire Bourneville. These self-portraits, sometimes theatrical and staged, aim to unravel the paradoxes of visibility evoked by an inextinguishable disappointment rooted in our history: the intrinsic fault of female desire. As the text recounts, in the French clinic of Salpêtrière, female desire and female gestures, inappropriately confined to the territories of mental illness, are treated and regulated through various methodologies, such as hydrotherapy, electroshock therapy, confinement and segregation. In addition, the so-called «Attitudes Passionnelles» are presented to the public in a perverse show, performed by "hysterical" patients and doctors of great ability. This photographic project aims to take into account all these testimonies and compare the viewer with a different narrative, outlined by a female perspective.

Wojciech Wójcik, born in Krakow in 1994 and living in Warsaw, is a Polish actor and photographer. Wójcik says he is fascinated by people, their stories and their ways that he wants to capture and convey on paper. He mainly takes analogue photos, although he has recently tried to use digital cameras. The three photos on display - Zuzanna, Hanna and Agata - are part of a larger series titled Naked and Dressed


Naked and Dressed, inspired by the works of Helmut Newton, the photographer says that for a long time he hesitated. He was not sure that it was possible to transfer the image he had in his head to the analog film, as he did with a Mamiya C220 camera. The idea of the project remained inside him for a few months, waiting to find the right moment and model to execute them. In the meeting with the model Agata - photo of the series already started Tribute to Helmut Newton - he tries to concretize the photo that for months he could not stop thinking and he manages to feel a beautiful feeling. The developed film exactly reproduces his idea. The double exposure seemed to him an interesting way to remove the human masks we wear every day to find a place in this strange world.

Jo Fetto (they/them, b. Naples, 1999) is a visual artist, currently based between London and Paris. Their distinctive and anarchic spirit has led to widespread recognition of both their personal
work, and their editorial and commercial projects. In 2020, they graduated in BA Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion (LCF). Soon after, they released their first book ‘Be My Nest’ — a work of three years spread across timezones, exploring the relationship between the subconscious and home. Their images and films draw on themes related to identity, gender and body politics. Most recently, this has included campaigns and commissions for Vivienne Westwood, Vogue Italia, and Nowness.


Beyond Flesh is a multimedia exhibition by Jo Fetto in collaboration with Willy Ndatira, consisting of 10 dialogues between Jo and other artists. The work spans photography, film, installation, and painting, and includes work by Juliana Huxtable, Lyra Pramuk, Gray Wielebinski, Ines Michelotto, Soundwalk Collective, Fabio Rovai, Jenkyn Van Zyl, Benjamin Jonsson, Refik Anadol and Agnes Questionmark.

"The contemporary body can be reconstructed in a multiplicity of ways, through surgery, drugs, hormones, digital identities, makeup and prosthetics. One’s body is no longer a fate but a series of decisions. It is the emergence of the mutant body. What is “mutant desire” what awaits us on the other side? The body is a site of our presence in the world and a testimony to our unfolding identities but it is also our social link with the Other. Beyond Flesh explores those identities and desires in all of us. Our work together and Jo Fetto’s photographic tableaus for this project uses the human subject and body to transform, transgress and transcend. We transform the body and human genitals through compositions, actions, and locations. We are both aware that gender and sexuality are performances. For the purpose of this project we view life as a stage and the Self as an unscripted performance with endless possibilities. People’s sexualities are limited by their imagination and societal norms, the work could be perceived as transgressive but transgression or shock are not the aim. Beyond Flesh pushes against the gender binary system which dictates what can be expressed or experienced from the vantage point of rigid concepts of the Masculine or the Feminine identity, the system has historically used shame, fear, violence or the threat of violence. We use the forces of imagination and desire in this sense we are going “Beyond Flesh”. It is Transhumanism in a more poetic sense as our subjects and ourselves remain flesh." - Willy Ndatira

open call 2023

Open call for photographers under 30 | Applications until 29 February 2024

The contest, held on the occasion of the next exhibition Helmut Newton. Legacy, which will arrive in Venice in March 2024, will give the opportunity to selected photographers and photographers to exhibit their works in the entrance of Le Stanze della Fotografia.

The aim of the initiative is to recognize the talent of emerging photographers, even non-professionals, encouraging them in their professional path.

Participation in the open call is completely free and open to all, professionals and photography enthusiasts and requires each participant to make three photographs that form a story inspired by the phrase of Helmut Newton: «My job as a photographer is to seduce, entertain and entertain».

The jury that will select the most representative shots consists of Matthias Harder, director of the Helmut Newton Foundation, Denis Curti, artistic director of Le Stanze della Fotografia, Francesca Malgara, artistic director of MIA Photo Fair and the famous photographer Maurizio Galimberti.

The exhibition on the great fashion photographer was exhibited at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, from 24 March to 25 June 2023 and at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome, until 17 March 2024. 


The jury will select a minimum of one and a maximum of three winners, who will be announced during the press conference presenting the “Helmut Newton. Legacy” show at Le Stanze della Fotografia. The jury reserves the right not to award all three prizes, if the works submitted are not considered worthy. The jury’s decision is discretionary and final. The winners will be contacted at the addresses they indicated, through the email used to submit their entries.

The selected photographs will be exhibited at the entrance of Le Stanze della Fotografia for the entire period of the exhibition and will be published on the official social channels of the exhibition.

the jury

Denis Curti is Artistic Director of Le Stanze della Fotografia. In 2014 he founded, in Milan, STILL, a multifunctional space with a focus on photography. He is artistic director of the "Photography Festival" in Capri and in the past he has directed the "SI FEST" in Savignano sul Rubicone. He is editor in chief of the periodical Black Camera and Course Leader of the Master in Photography of Raffles Milano. In the nineties he directed the photography section of the IED of Turin and the Italian Foundation for Photography. For over 15 years journalist and photo critic for the pages of Vivimilano and Corriere della Sera, from 2005 to 2014 he was director of Contrasto and vice president of Fondazione Forma in Milan.

Matthias Harder, born in Kiel in 1965, studied art history, classical archaeology and philosophy in Kiel and Berlin. He is a member of the German Society of Photography and a member of the advisory board of the European Month of Photography. Since 2004 he has worked as chief curator at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin (since 2019 also as director of the Foundation), regularly publishes in prestigious international magazines, such as Art in America, Foam, Aperture, Eikon, Photonews, and has written numerous articles for books and exhibition catalogs.

Francesca Malgara graduated in Photography and Multimedia at the University of Westminster, London, where she lived until the late 1990s.
She has worked for the London gallery "Michael Hoppen Gallery" taking care of exhibitions and collectors of the gallery. Since 1999 he has collaborated with other galleries (Photology Gallery, Robilant + Voena) organizing the exhibitions: "100 for 2000, The Century of Photoart" (Bologna), "Julian Schnabel" (2005, Roma Palazzo Venezia, 2007, Milano, Rotonda della Besana, 2011, Venezia Museo Correr)as well as being active in the field of fundraising and communication. Since 2006 she has been involved in the organization of art fairs, such as Mint and MIA Photo Fair, and this has allowed her to establish an extensive network of contacts between galleries and collectors around the world. She is currently part of the selection committee of the Prix Pictet Photographic Prize and since 2023 she has been the artistic director of MIA Photo Fair, the most important photography fair in Italy.

Maurizio Galimberti, was born in Como in 1956. He approached the world of analog photography focusing his commitment, in a radical and definitive, on Polaroid, becoming official testimonial and creating the volume POLAROID PRO ART published in 1995. He continues his research with Polaroid reinventing the technique of Photographic Mosaic that initially suited portraits. Many portraits are made in the world of cinema, art and culture.  Mosaic soon became the technique to portray not only faces, but also landscapes, architecture and cities. In 2003 he dedicated his work to the realization of the volume "Viaggio in Italia", a story of our country through the Polaroid Singles. In 2006 he went for the first time to New York and began his research on light, energy inspired by this new city that for the artist becomes the ideal representation of the contemporary world. 

the exhibition

In the spring of 2024 it will be the turn of the retrospective "HELMUT NEWTON. LEGACY", curated by Matthias Harder, director of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, and Denis Curti, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth (Berlin, 1920 - Los Angeles, 2004).

Through 250 photographs, magazines, documents and videos, the exhibition will retrace the entire career of one of the most beloved and discussed photographers of all time. Alongside the most iconic images, a corpus of unpublished photographs, presented for the first time in Italy, will reveal many lesser-known aspects of Newton’s work, with a specific focus on the most unconventional fashion shots. Polaroid and contact sheets will also provide insight into the creative process of some of the iconic motifs featured, while special publications, Archival materials and statements by the photographer will help the visitor understand the context in which the inspiration of this extraordinary artist was born.

the foundation

The open call is the first initiative of the Fondazione Le Stanze Della Fotografia, established in September 2023 by Marsilio Arte with the contribution, as promoter, of the Fondazione Venezia.

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